The Good News according to Matthew

by Felix Alexander

I just re-read Matthew’s account of the Good News. I dunno: A lot of people say that the synoptics and John’s account contradict each other, or at least differ. But I think Matthew’s account only really makes sense in light of John’s. It’s subtler, certainly, but what’s in John’s that you can’t see in Matthew’s? With only Matthew’s account, I think the Christian Assembly would have known that Jesus is the incarnate Word and God. Even Matthew seems to know that the Last Supper was the day before the Passover, but he wants to stress the intrinsic and supremely important relationship between the Passover, the Last Supper and Good Friday.

But what do I know? Next to nothing about first century Palestinian Judaism or biblical scholarship or anything else that would help me to understand. I just trust that the living God would have given us faithful accounts of Who He Is, so maybe I’m even biased.